Thursday, August 29, 2013

 Pillow made from 100% felted wool sweaters. It was a wedding gift for friends of ours.
 Our fireplace mantle holds many of my whimsy trees and a collage I made some 10 years ago.
One of my phony flowers, plus another flower I made from coffee filters stained with food coloring. The stem is a plumbing pipe (NEW, not used!).
I made several of these about 6 years ago. Many of the images are from 70+ year old magazines. I keep planning to make more, but never get around to it.
My entry way post card display. It's made from an old window. My sister Ruth has traveled all over the world and it is a joy to see the postcards she has sent over the years out for all to see. 
 Our coffee table displays Florida postcards from the 30's & 40's under glass.
A marionette puppet I made for a story I like to tell. Again, I used felted wool sweaters to construct the woodpecker's body.
Our 2' x 4' chalkboard. I nearly went crazy putting dots all over. Very monotonous! 
My "Apples From Heaven" storytellers chair. Loved making it! 

This an old scrabble board that spins. The squares are filled with fabric bits, then I poured resin over it. Didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Oh well, sometimes that happens.

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