Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Dotty For Dots!

I just about went dotty painting this chair.
I honestly don't know when I'll be ready to paint dots again. At any rate, this chair makes me feel happy. It was my goal to make a happy chair, so I'm satisfied.

Now for a peek at the items I've been making to sell...

For months, I've been busily growing an inventory as I satisfy my need to felt wool sweaters and make new things out of them.
This is my first, completely hand-crafted purse made from felted, wool sweaters. I even lined it! Not bad for a first timer if I say so myself. And, I do!
 Pot holders! An awesome way to use the left over bits and pieces of wool.
I have lots of left over pieces after making these one-of-a-kind wool scarves. Each feature pockets, some obvious, some hidden within the design. The pockets are good for cold hands, or a handy dandy place to store your cell phone & car keys.  I let whimsy be my guide as I create these cozy, snuggly scarves that are perfect for chilly weather. Over the last five years, I made a LOT of them!
One of my butterfly pillows.
Holiday themed scarves.
Poochy needs a good home and a name for his tag.
 Wuvly Whimsy Whatsit Dolls. Nuff said.
Painter Elves are here to save the painting you've been struggling with. They come with an original story adaptation written by Me!
 A peek-a-boo puppet! It comes with it's own rhyme I wrote for sharing with wee little ones.
 More pot holders.
 These are coasters for drippy drinks.
A Hippie bag.
 The seat of this telephone table is made from felted wool sweaters. A versatile material!
 Butterfly pillow.
 Wouldn't this scarf be great for someone's wonderful teacher?
These manufactured purses feature my felted designs. My very first hand puppet. Woof! Woof
 A look at the back of them.
This is totally different. I wanted to make chalkboards out of record albums. Here is one with a hastily scribbled note on it.

More catching up on past creations...

Early mixed media (10+ years ago). I hand painted fabric red, white & blue, cut it out in a heart shape & sewed it on the painted canvas. Then I embroidered some more.
 If you look closely, you'll see computer memory boards embedded beneath the splatter paint.
This is "The Reader". I invited people of all ages to write done the titles of their favorite books on it. The Reader is reading my all-time favorite book from my childhood, a collection of Hans Christian Anderson stories. The book's illustrations entertained me for hours, I'd stare at them imagining new stories for the characters. Ones that had happier endings!

One of my favorite phony flowers. Loved how the colors turned out. Phone books are no longer printing with so many colors. >sad<
My space station sculpture. It's made from cardboard and old bits & pieces from my father-in-laws Mr. Fix-it collection.
 Painter Elves! Hurrah!!! They are here to save that painting you've been agonizing over.
 This little pooch found a new home. He is very happy.
Window painted in folksy style. I like it when the sun shines through it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

 Pillow made from 100% felted wool sweaters. It was a wedding gift for friends of ours.
 Our fireplace mantle holds many of my whimsy trees and a collage I made some 10 years ago.
One of my phony flowers, plus another flower I made from coffee filters stained with food coloring. The stem is a plumbing pipe (NEW, not used!).
I made several of these about 6 years ago. Many of the images are from 70+ year old magazines. I keep planning to make more, but never get around to it.
My entry way post card display. It's made from an old window. My sister Ruth has traveled all over the world and it is a joy to see the postcards she has sent over the years out for all to see. 
 Our coffee table displays Florida postcards from the 30's & 40's under glass.
A marionette puppet I made for a story I like to tell. Again, I used felted wool sweaters to construct the woodpecker's body.
Our 2' x 4' chalkboard. I nearly went crazy putting dots all over. Very monotonous! 
My "Apples From Heaven" storytellers chair. Loved making it! 

This an old scrabble board that spins. The squares are filled with fabric bits, then I poured resin over it. Didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Oh well, sometimes that happens.