Thursday, December 9, 2010

A smattering of projects made in the past year.

I work with a wide variety of materials to make pieces that are often used in conjunction with my storytelling programs. The main ingredient that unites all my work is my consistant use of found objects in the construction of all my pieces. The above work is titled, Spin Me.  It was made using an old scrabble game and images from a 1946 children's encyclopedia. 

 House elf made of upcycled wool sweaters. It is even stuffed with the discarded remnants of them.
 Masks inspired by the African Mask Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. They were worn by children from the audience during several of my storytelling programs.
 This was made for a program presented to autistic children and their families at the Dallas Museum of Art. Inspiration came from the works of Alberto Giacometti. The puzzle piece is the symbol for autism awareness. This piece represents the transformation of one's individual challenges into unique gifts that give flight to the inner spirit.

One of my family tree photo collages. I'm standing between my grandfather and father.
This cardboard structure was inspired by an artwork at the DMA. I made this for a story about coyote and the dogs.
Leonidas LOVED it!