Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Radiant Heart

It's wasteful and tragic to see heaps of broken glass and shattered pottery fragments scattered carelessly across the landscape. Think of the memories they represent. The loss of their value now that they are broken, chipped...imperfect. I like to gather up the pieces, stash them away and think of new ways to use them, to give them new meaning...value once again.

The above is an assemblage of pottery shards and broken glass bits. The big piece in the middle is the bottom of a old, glass bleach bottle. It's shape faintly resembles a heart. I bound the pieces up in wire and added rays of wire shooting out around it. The center piece is approx. 8 inches across, and with the rays it is around 15 inches in diameter. Give or take.

It is now kinda, sorta a sun, with heart. Hence the name, "Radiant Heart".

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