Friday, February 6, 2009

Past Creations

Some are hits and some are misses, but ALL were fun to make!

"An Uncommon Bird" was inspired by Dorothea Tannings, "Pincushion To Serve As A Fetish" at the Dallas Museum of Art.
My Two pieces featuring discarded, computer memory boards are heavy. Especially the black one with the copper leaves (Hidden). That one is my favorite. I am not too thrilled with the bright multi-colored one (I consider this one a definite miss. So it's called "Whoops".). I have made several memory board works.

The Flower picture is for my mom. It is a layered collage.
It's called "Appreciation".
The bottom picture is titled "I am" and has personal meaning for me. The leaves of the tree were cut from magazine pages. I embodies my passion for the connectedness I feel with the world through my work as a storyteller.

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