Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Scarves

All my scarves have pockets. (So far)
Where are the pockets on this one?

Oh, Here they are.

I like birds.

This one has itty bitty feet.
I am currently making three more. All scarves are made from recycled materials.


Tina- said...

the scarves are really neat.

Ravenchil said...

Mama bird says...where are your recent works? I haven't seen any new ones in a while. OH, and I have two blogs Mad as a Box of Frogs, which here comes with a warning graphic content, and Ravenchild Rambling. Also on Blogger. They explain a lot of my general oddness. And when are you going to do some parrot scarves?
What if you made hats? I bet felted wool would make a wonderful hat. With a bird on top instead of the usual bobble. Just talkin...